What is a bitcoin

How safe will be my Bitcoin Money?

The Bitcoin which one possesses will always be safe. There is no need to worry about the loss of Bitcoins without the knowledge of the owner. The currency will be safely stored in the wallet. Unlike the cash in the wallet which could be stolen, these Bitcoin currencies cannot be stolen or taken away by anyone from others wallets. But, one should keep the wallet- that is the key files safely without deleted by mistake or lost by any chance. It is always better to keep a backup of the important key files, so as to maintain the wallet safely.

Will my payment be safe and secure?

In order to understand clearly about the safety of the Bitcoin, one should find the answer to the question what is a Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a crypto currency which cannot be stolen by anyone, since it is guarded by military grade protocols. This is an innovative payment method which does not involve any third party. The coding of this payment network is open to public and anyone could view the source code. So, there is absolute transparency in the payment system and in the value system of Bitcoin.

What is a bitcoin

Value of Bitcoin

Even though there is high grade security system in the transactional process, there is always a risk involved in this system of currency too, as in any other currency. The value may drop, but this has not happened since inception. The value has been increasing day by day and there is no report of drop in price. Any\how, it is not advisable one to think of minting money using the Bitcoin. It is true that the users who have accepted this pattern of transaction and bought currencies in the earlier stage have gained so much. This is a new and an innovative payment method which is still in its infancy stage.