Best Streaming Aha App In 2020 For Free Movies & More: Awara, Sahasam, 100% Love

Beautiful movies are loaded on Aha! Just visit the Aha website or download the app, where you can find plenty of movies for free. You can also subscribe and watch premium movies such as Colour Photo and all. Talking of the free movies you can watch Awara, Sahasam and movies like 100% love. Telugu movies are very entertaining and give you lots of energy and boost. We already watch these movies so many times but we also know that you still can’t get over these movies. Do watch these free movies online. The aha streaming movies like this are extremely good.


Awara movie is one of the classics in telugu film industry, it was firstly made in tamil later dubbed into telugu. Many youngsters have fallen in love after watching this film. It’s the story of Shiva and charulatha. Shiva is a carefree, jobless person staying with his friends in bangalore, charulatha comes into his life like magic. She has many family issues and wanted to go meet her mom’s side of the family who stay in mumbai. So the whole story runs in the care. Shiva will give her a ride to mumbai. Many comedy and emotional sequences take place in the car. It’s a long journey where they fall in love. Go along and watch them closely. Watch awara to see what’s next.

Sahasam is an action adventure movie which was a milestone in Gopichand’s career. It’s a story of Gautham and Srinidhi. It’s all about Gautham ancestors who worked for the king. He knows where the treasure is and he wants their family to enjoy it. Soo records everything in a dairy. One day he finds the dairy and he will be filled with zeal of getting the treasure home. The treasure is in pakistan so he takes srinidhi’s help and goes there. Know if he finds the treasure and what is the relationship status of srinidhi and gautham.

100% Love is about Balu, a geek, who is truly popular among youthful understudies as he generally comes top first position in quite a while. His pride for the most part remains on his position as everybody applauds him for being top. He is an all around arranged and centered individual. His family members’ little girl goes to his home from the town to turn out to be acceptable at examinations like him. However, her character is a remarkable inverse of what he is. She is a functioning and lively individual where he is a quiet and recognizable individual. She adores balu without a doubt and applauds him all the time which dazzles balu. Know the closer of the movie by watching it.

Cast OfAwara:

Starring: Karthi, Tamannaah

Director: N. Linguswamy

Producer: N. Subash Chandra Bose, N. Linguswamy

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cast OfSahasam:

Starring: Gopichand, TaapseePannu

Director: Chandra SekharYeleti

Producer: B. V. S. N. Prasad, Bapineedu

Music: Sri Kommineni

Cast Of 100% Love:

Starring: Naga Chaithanya, Tamannaah

Director: Sukumar

Producer: Bunny Vasu

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Watch these Aha streaming movies for various strong reasons. So do watch these free movies online.

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Doing an individual verification on them

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Check with protests vault

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