signal booster

How would you classify the cell phone signal booster?

A mobile phone signal booster includes the amplifier which adds the power to our cell and helps it to maintain network signal. A cell signal booster increases a mobile signal directed by the tower nearby us and sends it to or from our mobile phone. This system is fundamentally a repeater structure that receives the signal of our mobile phone, intensifies it and rebroadcasts to the area which is near. It helps the phone user appropriately to hear the call when the signal is less. This system forms a wireless cellular boost up the network. It improves the signal strength and helps to hear clear sound in fewer network signals. The classification of the signal boosters is divided on different parameters. It depends on the places where they are going to be used. Mainly they are classified into two classes:

For immovable locations: The locations such as homes, offices, apartments, hospitals, etc.

For movable locations: They consists of all the vehicles like truck, cars, vans etc.

Depends on the generation of the cellular technology the signal boosters are classified into the 3G booster and 4G booster. A3G booster works for a large variety of 2G and 3G technologies. They worked for the GSM, CDMA, HDMA, and UMTS etc. While in 4G boosters they work for all 2G, 3G and 4G. They also work with LTE and advance LTE.

signal booster

The signal boosters came in the market on the basis of consumer demand. So based on consumer need, three types of signal boosters are available:

Consumer signal booster: They are used in limited areas such as homes, offices, cars and other movable vehicles. They are easy to install with the help of the guide comes along with the setup. Those devices provided generally in the play-and-plug arrangement. So the consumers do not require any expertise to install.

Industrial signal booster: These boosters are designed for large areas like whole apartments, colleges, public places, etc. Industrial signals boosters have the capability to support many users at a time. Before the installation of these boosters, they need a perfect plan to install because these devices are quite critical. Some technical experts are required to install these signal boosters.

Part 90 booster: They are the special kind of an industrial booster. These boosters are principally used in PLMR (Private land mobile radio) and public safety. Part 90 booster required certifications from the professional manufacturer a d installer.